About Us

What We Stand For

The purpose of Strike The Vote is to educate the public on the futility of continuing to participate in National Elections, and to create a nationwide participation in noncompliance with the electoral system that dissolves all current political parties.


If parties do not have donors, and do not have voters, they will cease to exist.  Our organization aims to give the real power back into the hands of the people.


  • Educate the public on the futility of voting in National elections, based on the documented & admitted fixing of primaries and candidates based solely on party desires and refusing the input of the voter.
  • Support & advocate for methods in which it is far more difficult for the established political parties to take precedence over Independent candidates and control the political process overall.  This includes eliminating the advantages of political parties in gaining and maintaining ballot access.
  • Promote the cessation of donations to all political parties, and promote ending voluntary "work" within each political party, large and small, in order to restore the political power back to the people.
  • Promote alternative forms of political participation, such as direct democracy and citizen initiatives.
  • Advocate for ballot initiatives that empower the people to ban political party participation in their State, County, or Municipality.